Control Room screen

Oakville Hydro focuses on system reliability and safety in order to meet the expectations of its customers. Our distribution assets are optimized through the evaluation of asset health, capacity utilization, performance measures, and risk consequence failure analysis and balance against cost efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Reliability Record

In 2023, Oakville residents were able to rely on power being on 99.99% of the time and Oakville Hydro is committed to maintaining this level of reliability.

On average, customers experienced 0.63 outages in 2023 and were without power for 0.23 hours. 

Control Room

Oakville Hydro’s Control Room Operators monitor the distribution system 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Oakville Hydro reacts quickly to power outages to keep our powerline maintenance crews and the public safe.

In addition, our Outage Management System helps us to predict fault locations, enabling the dispatching of crews directly to these locations to investigate and resolve issues before they occur.

Investing in a Smarter Grid

The smart grid harnesses the power of information technologies to monitor, control, and optimize the usage of the electricity system. These efforts are designed to increase efficiency, reduce outages, integrate more renewable forms of generation, and empower consumers to more effectively control their energy use.

Using a sophisticated network of remotely switched power lines of approximately 1,400 km, Oakville Hydro has reliably delivered energy to homes and businesses for over a century. Oakville Hydro designs, builds and maintains Oakville’s state-of-the-art power distribution system.

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