If the Power Goes Out

At Oakville Hydro, we understand that power outages can be frustrating – no matter how long or short. Momentary outages are interruptions that last between one second and one minute. While they might be annoying to experience, these short outages are the result of automated equipment on Oakville Hydro’s distribution system that helps prevent longer outages. Learn more below about what to do during and after an outage. 

In the event of a power outage:

  • Determine if the outage is limited to your home or if the entire neighbourhood is without power.
  • Report an outage by calling 905-825-9400.
  • Follow us on Twitter @oakvillehydro to receive updates.
  • View our outage map.

During a power outage, follow these tips:

  • Turn off the main electrical switch.
  • Turn off or unplug equipment to prevent damage should there be a power surge when power is restored.
  • Ensure all stovetop elements are in the off position. If anything combustible is left on an element when power is  restored, it could cause a fire.
  • Keep at least three (3) metres away (or more) from downed power lines. If you see downed power lines or see someone getting close, contact us immediately at 905-825-9400.
  • Secure windows and doors as well as outdoor furniture and equipment.
  • Never use barbecues, propane and kerosene heaters and portable generators indoors or in enclosed spaces such as garages, covered porches and sheds
  • Do not use gas stoves to heat your home.
  • Do not leave candles unattended.
  • Do not go near electrical equipment in areas of standing water. Also, do not enter a flooded basement—there is a risk of electrocution.

Once power is restored:

  • Ensure that electronics are still turned off or unplugged, then turn on the main electrical switch in your home.
  • Wait 10 to 15 minutes before powering up. This will allow the electrical system to stabilize. Begin turning on electronics one by one, with a couple of minutes in-between.
  • Restock your emergency kit to ensure all supplies will be there next time.
  • Check your food supply for signs of spoilage. If a freezer door has been kept closed, food should stay frozen for 24-36 hours (depending on the temperature).
  • Do not use wet appliances, electrical outlets, switch boxes or fuse-breaker panels until they have been checked by an electrician.  

For more tips, visit www.getprepared.gc.ca