System Renewal & Expansion

Aerial view of Oakville

Grid Automation

Oakville Hydro is investing approximately $1M in grid automation. This year we will upgrade our distribution system with new gas-insulated switchgear that can be controlled automatically from our control room. Unlike the air insulated switchgear that is being replaced, the gas insulated switchgear have a sealed tank compartment to protect them from adverse weather conditions and make them last longer.

Oakville Hydro will also launch a pilot project with S & C Electric using the “IntelliTeam” technology. Three switches on our system will be replaced with fully automated switches that communicate with each other and auto-restore service.

Oakville Hydro is also investing $0.5M in communications equipment including; an upgrade to remote terminal units, radio replacement and upgrades, new automated metering infrastructure. The remote terminal units are subject to harsh weather conditions and have an average life span of 15 years.

Transformer Replacements

Oakville Hydro is investing approximately $1M to replace “live front” padmount transformers. These transformers are obsolete and they are being phased out over time. On average, these transformers are 40 years old.

Grid Expansion

Oakville Hydro is investing $1.5M in new electrical distribution infrastructure for residential and commercial areas under development in Oakville. 


Oakville Hydro owns 19 municipal substations that step down the power from the four Hydro One-owned transformer stations located at the four corners of Oakville as well as the  Oakville Hydro’s Glenorchy Municipal transformer station that supplies North Oakville.

These municipal substations receive power from the transformer station feeders at 27.6kV, and step it down to either 4kV or 13.8kV.  The power is then distributed to residences and businesses in Oakville, through our distribution network. Most of the substations were built between 1950 and 1970 and are proactively being upgraded.